Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Emergency Response Plan

The threat of a disaster-related closure is especially great for the majority of small to medium sized businesses, because they usually lack the financial resources for recovery, the ability to spread their risk across geographic locations, ready access to alternative suppliers, and other advantages that most larger organizations possess.

Each year disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires force thousands of businesses to close. But even more common events, such as broken/frozen pipes and building fires, cause the same result. Current government research shows that 25 percent of the businesses that close following these types of events never reopen. Sadly, many that do manage to reopen struggle to stay in business.

RestorePro wants to help you develop an ERP: Emergency Response Plan that will address the unique concerns for your facility and offer you the ability to reopen quickly with little or no business interruption in the event of a disaster.

Together with your organization, RestorePro will capture valuable information that can protect your facility and ensure the safety of your staff and ours. Our ERP allows us to go into great detail on the workings and contents of your facility. RestorePro is glad to work with you to make this plan as detailed as you would like.

Restorepro will help you to be ready in the event of an emergency by assisting you to prepare an ERP: Emergency Response Plan for your facility. Having a definite plan in place protects your business by ensuring the fastest response possible for the following reasons:

  • Priority Response – Many emergencies are weather related (storms, floods, tornado, frozen pipes,etc). In such situations, many homes and businesses need assistance, but by having an ERP agreement with RestorePro YOU become OUR TOP PRIORITY.
  • Coordinated Effort – Your staff and ours will have met and discussed a protocol to be followed in event of emergency. There is no hesitation as to how to respond or who to call when a crisis arises.
  • Greater Efficiency – Because we know your facility (its layout, location of shut-offs, machine rooms, exits, etc.) we can arrive, set-up and begin restoration without having to take valuable time to acquire this information.
  • Pre-Authorization – The first action any restoration company takes is to get a work authorization signed. Critical time is often spent searching for an authorized employee to sign off before services commence. Our pre-existing agreement eliminates this time-robber and allows us to begin our work without delay.

What will faster response mean for your organization?

  • Limit Damage – It’s a proven fact that a great deal of property and equipment can be salvaged when restoration services begin promptly.
  • Minimal Disruption – Because we understand your facility we can take steps to deal with the damage while allowing your business to continue to function.
  • Maintain Profitability – Having a viable ERP saves money.  Preserving resources, maintaining operation, and returning to a normal working environment in as short a time as possible allows you to do what is most important for any business: Be Productive and Generate Revenue.

There are a few pieces of information that are essential to any ERP. Here is a list of points to get us started.

Completed Contact List – This will include local governmental services, your insurance agent, plumber, electrician, etc.  We can help you gather this information, and we will provide you a list of cell numbers for our key personnel.

  • Is there an established protocol to ensure the safety of employees/tenants?
  • Do any of your employees/tenants have special needs?
  • Are specific responsibilities delegated to your staff in event of an emergency?
  • How many buildings make up your organization? We will need to acquire the following information for each building:
  • How many floors in building?
  • Is there a sprinkler system?  If so, where are the shut-offs?
  • Is there a security system? How does it work? Who has security codes?
  • Where are the Mechanical Rooms? Are they accessible? Who has the keys?
  • Are there elevators? How many?
  • Is there night time security? Are they familiar with your ERP?
  • Are there Blue Prints or floor plan layouts available?
  • Are there any hazardous materials on the premise?

What parts of your business need to be operational as soon as possible following a disaster?

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