Saturday, August 30, 2014
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Jon Fields - President, CEO - RestorePro, Inc.RestorePro, Inc., is a company that people hope they never have to use. However when their home or office has been devastated by a fire or flood, these same people realize that Jon Fields and his dedicated associates really can restore their property to the way it once was.

As he turned 34, Fields came to realize that while he was happy with his corporate job, the desire to become an entrepreneur was becoming stronger. “I studied many business opportunities and finally decided that there was a need for this type of service in the area and that I was ready to take the risk,” says Fields.

He opened the Sandusky offices, located at 319 Industrial Parkway, in 1998 and the company has grown tremendously, now employing 20 full time people. According to Fields, work- loads can be dramatically affected by weather events such as the recent deep freeze we all just endured, or the heavy rains of spring, and summer storms. RestorePro’s trained technicians do work throughout Ohio and in surrounding states. Services include mitigation, structural drying, cleaning, decontamination, deodorization, demolition and general contractor/ construction services (build back) to repair property damaged from Fire, Smoke, Water, Sewage, Mold, Trauma Scenes, Roof Leaks, Ice Dams, Wind Damage, Vehicle Impact, Tree falls, Vandalism, etc. including care to Personal Contents (packing and move out, restoration cleaning, repair and storage). RestorePro also has a professional cleaning division that provides Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning as well as HVAC Mechanical and Ductwork Cleaning. Fields explains that RestorePro specializes in repair of residential properties, as well as commercial and institutional facilities.

RestorePro’s services are something that people don’t usually plan for in their budget. “Everyone looks to save money in a down economy,” Fields explains. “But I always advise people that insurance coverage is not the place to do it. When you have a fire or just smoke damage, a water damage event from a broken pipe, failed sump pump,  or a sewage back-up, you’ll be very sorry that you went without the appropriate coverage, chose low policy limits or too high of a deductible.”

Fields recommends that people sit down and talk with their insurance agent on an annual basis to keep their coverage up to date, to make sure they have the right coverage for the risks they are exposed to, and NO ONE should cut corners with their coverage.  Few people understand or anticipate the hazards, potential damage and costs associated with water damage and flooding.  Many in the community are under-insured.  The time to get the coverage right is before an event.  Shopping price often results in unplanned costs later.  Or worse, no coverage at all.

Fields contends that all clean-up and restoration companies are not equal in delivering service and responsiveness. “We place a premium on customer service, people helping people is a core value in how we approach delivering our services,” Fields explains. He proudly adds that his people are highly trained, uniformed and compassionate. “When a homeowner experiences a disaster, the emotional impact is as much a concern as the physical property damage,  so we have to be attentive to both elements in helping our client recover from their situation,” says Fields.

Fields is optimistic, convinced that much of the current recession “is between our ears.” He encourages everyone to refuse to use the economy as an excuse for mediocrity.  Instead, work harder, smarter, make additional sales calls, identify new markets you may serve to establish new or additional revenue streams for your company. “Do not let the recession rule us, set realistic goals and “refuse to excuse.”

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